Crowdfunding for Children’s book “One Step at a Time”

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The children’s book ‘One Step at a Time‘ has launched a crowdfunding project to raise funds to print this beautiful and important book. The book is an exquisite picture book which tells the story of Luk, a young boy, and his baby elephant Mali, who accidentally treads on a landmine. What follows is a story of courage, bravery and true love. The book by Jane Jolly and Sally Heinrich introduces children to the devastation that landmines can cause but it is ultimately an uplifting story of compassion and friendship.

Scene from "one step at a time"

The book is a great way to share the issue of landmines with children and parents all over the world. SafeGround believes this book should be on every night table of every child, so children can learn about how landmines affect other children, people and animals in more than 66 countries!


  • I begin by sketching the designs for each page on paper – it usually takes many drafts before I’m satisfied. Then each drawing is transferred, in mirror image, to a block of lino. All the areas around the lines, that is, all the white spaces, are carved away, using the tool you can see in one of the photos. Ink is rolled onto the block, paper laid over the top, and it’s run through a printing press. Each individual print is then coloured using watercolour inks. Therefore, although I can produce multiples of each image, each print is a unique work.
  • – Sally Heinrich (illustrator)
one step at a time

“Although I can produce multiple copies of each image, each print is a unique work” Sally Heinrich

This is a great chance to support the creation of this important book, and also get very nice rewards! When you support the book you may receive a signed hard cover copy of the children’s picture book ‘One Step at a Time’, a small original hand-coloured framed print, or a mid-size original, hand-coloured unframed limited edition 20x16cm print from the book by Sally Heinrich. Just go to and start giving your support and check out the nice rewards for your support!

Support the book:

SafeGround is a proud supporter of the children’s book ‘One Step at a Time’.


Thanks to illustrator Sally Heinrich for making and letting SafeGround use her adorable ‘One Step at a Time’ illustrations.

All Illustrations © Sally Heinrich