On August 11, I attended a Disarmament Dinner organised by ICAN, to celebrate the historic UN adoption of the treaty to abolish nuclear weapons. ICAN began in Australia, and speakers outlined the history of this movement and called for support to encourage the Australian Government to become a State Party to the treaty. ICAN now has a new international pledge for parliamentarians, which is a commitment to work for the signature and ratification of the treaty. The text of the pledge and updates on the politicians who have signed can be seen at icanw.org

To date 41 Australian parliamentarians have signed
Labor: 28
Liberal: 1
Nationals: 1
Greens: 8
Nick Xenophon Team: 2
Independent: 1

Please check the list of Australian politicians. If your local MP or nearest Senator has not signed please download the pledge and use your best efforts to convince them to sign. Tim Wright of ICAN says “ This is an important way to build commitment to the new treaty within Parliament, and is crucial while the ALP is still forming a position. It’s also helpful if parliamentarians are asked to sign the Pledge by a range of individuals and groups, not just ICAN.” A sample email to your parliamentarian is also on the ICAN pledge page
The Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons will open for signature on September 20 at the United Nations. Our Foreign Minister Julie Bishop MP will be there for the opening of the General Assembly, despite Australia’s role in hindering the treaty process.
Nuclear weapons have been outlawed. If Australia is serious about nuclear disarmament, it will sign the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

– Lorel Thomas

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