The Problem

What are legacy weapons, and what is their impact on lives and livelihoods?


Cluster Munitions

Nuclear Weapons

Landmines, cluster munitions, and nuclear weapons are indis­crim­inate and inhumane weapons that continue to pose a threat to the safety of civilians for generations after conflict has ended.

Explosive remnants of war, such as landmines and cluster munitions often do not explode during a conflict. They can lie in wait for decades often in locations vital to people’s everyday lives, such as workplaces, villages, and areas needed for agriculture, development, or movement.

The effects of nuclear weapons also endure for generations following an attack. Nuclear radiation poisons people’s bodies and land, contaminating sources of food and water, and killing wildlife.

These weapons poison land in more than 70 countries around the world. Survivors suffer horrific injuries, and face grave financial problems.