What We Do

SafeGround is an Australian humanitarian organisation that works to minimise the impacts and legacies of war.

Our projects focus on raising public awareness of countries dealing with the legacy of unexploded weapons of war. We work with affected communities, governments, and NGOs, both in Australia and overseas.

We advocate the eradication of indiscriminate legacy weapons such as landmines, cluster bombs and nuclear weapons that continue to maim and kill civilians long after the fighting of a war has ended. We also research Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAWS), popularly known as “Killer Robots”, which are design to identify and attack targets without human involvement.




The Problem

By their very nature these weapons are indiscriminate and leave an enduring legacy of suffering. Find out more about how they operate, and the work SafeGround is doing to reduce their impacts.


Cluster Munitions

Nuclear Weapons

Our Projects

We are working with people, communities, NGO’s, and government bodies in Cambodia and the Pacific to bring attention to their unique cases of land poisoned by explosive remnants of war.

Find out more about our projects, read our reports, and view our photo galleries.

Join us for a future safe from explosive weapons of war!