Helen Stanger

Public Officer and South Australia Coordinator

Helen Stanger has a background in Primary School teaching long ago in England, and studied Teacher-Librarianship after coming to Adelaide. As a volunteer she has taught remedial readers, and has taught conversational English to speakers of other languages.

Helen has always cared about giving people a ‘fair go’. It concerns her that — through no merit of her own — she has been born into a life of relative advantage, whereas so many people are in want. She is determined to do what she can by using her skills and talents, even in a small way, to help redress this imbalance. Where SafeGround is concerned, she is part of the editing team and writes and speaks to inform people of problems such as the remnants of war and of our responsibility to do something about them. She has written poems herself and has organised poetry competitions to raise awareness of the problems of landmines and cluster munitions.

As Public Officer Helen is the human link between SafeGround, the government authorities and the general public, aiming to ensure the smooth running of our association. As South Australian Coordinator she organises local events and liaises between the SA Group and the National Committee.