Take Action!

It takes everyday people like yourself to make world-changing things happen! Talking to your friends, writing to your local member of parliament, and even keeping up to date with the latest news about land mines and explosive remnants of war. These are all vital links in the chain that help change public attitudes, and convince political leaders to shift their positions and policies.

Here are ten things that you can do to today to keep the pressure on for all countries to join the Mine Ban Treaty.

Thanks for the International Campaign to Ban Landmines for the tips, head to their website to read more.

1. Learn about landmines

Whether you have 10 minutes, one hour or plenty of time, you can help build a world free of landmines and promote the rights of landmine victims! The strength of the ICBL comes from the involvement of people like YOU at the local, national, regional and international levels.

2. Join a campaign or start one

Browse the ICBL website, including the resources section, and read about the latest global developments in the annual report issued by the Landmine Monitor.

3. Participate in the International Campaign to Ban Landmines’ Action Alert

Completion Challenge: Commit to Complete! 

We are challenging governments worldwide to increase efforts to complete their major obligations under the Mine Ban Treaty within 10 years of the Third Review Conference taking place in June 2014.

You can take part in challenging your government to finish the job! If you are interested to do so, take a took at our Action Alerts page.

4. Send a lobbying letter

Read ‘Lobbying Letters‘ for tips and templates for writing a lobbying letter to send to your government about the implementation or universalization of the Mine Ban Treaty. You could:
– Write to one of the States Parties with clearance obligations to finish clearing landmines.
– Write to one of the countries that have not joined the Mine Ban Treaty. Urge them to get on board right away!
– Write to those countries that are in a position to fund/increase funding in mine clearance, victim assistance or advocacy efforts.

5. Meet with decision-makers

Meet with mine action and victim assistance authorities in your country, and tell them to step up efforts to complete landmine clearance as soon as possible and to provide adequate assistance to landmine victims.
If your country has not joined the Mine Ban Treaty yet, reach out to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other key authorities like the Ministry of Defense, and tell them to join the treaty as soon as possible.

6. Get the word out

Write to a local newspaper, call up a local radio station, post on social media and send information to your network of contacts. Share your posts with us on our Facebook page or with the ICBL at @MineFreeWorld, and keep the conversation going!

7. Organise a campaign event

Raise awareness in your community. Organise a public event such as a photo or art exhibition, a landmine awareness day, a letter-writing event, or a public demonstration. Consider holding your event on one of the key dates of the Mine Ban Treaty: entry into force anniversary on 1 March, International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action on 4 April, or signature anniversary on 3 December.

8. Stay informed and join in the conversation on social media

Subscribe to our newsletter or the ICBL newsletter, join SafeGround and the ICBL on Facebook and share our posts, and follow the ICBL on TwitterFlickr and YouTube, either from your own page, your organisation’s page or both.

Social media is an excellent way to help you share your advocacy messages with as many people as possible, and to connect with our campaigners around the world.

9. Take action on campus

Many students and other young people across the globe are already involved in the campaign against landmines. You too can take action in your community, at school or on campus! Here are some ideas:

  • Start or join a letter-writing campaign.
  • Make a presentation to your class or community.
  • Take part in a theatre event to raise awareness of the impact of landmines on communities.
  • Hold a vigil for those killed and maimed by landmines every day.
  • Arrange a film show or art exhibition on landmines.
  • Organise a public protest or collect signatures to urge non-member states to join the Mine Ban Treaty.
  • Help raise money to support the ICBL’s advocacy work.
  • Get in touch with your national campaign.
  • Invite other youth to join you in taking action. Involve peers in your student group, social club, fraternity/sorority, faculty or class. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Use campus events or activities in your community to gather support for the campaign, spread awareness and raise money – e.g. parties, social evenings, registration/enrolment, graduations or concerts.
  • Write an article on the landmine issue for your student newspaper, ask them to do a photo feature on the issue, write a letter to the editor, organise an interview or news piece for campus radio.
10. Make a donation

Support SafeGround or the ICBL. Every bit counts!